More-than-human Design


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Special issue in HCI Journal “Posthumanist HCI and the non-human-turn in design”

Special Issue Editors: Elisa Giaccardi, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; Johan Redström, Umeä Institute of Design, Sweden; Iohanna Nicenboim, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Topics of Interest
• Artificial agency and co-performativity
• The interface as a site of reconfiguration
• Decentering design methodologies
• Entanglement and design experiments
• Ethics and aesthetics of posthumanist participation
• Pedagogies of nonrepresentational design
• Socio-economic and political redirections Timing

Proposals due: 15th September 2022

Full papers due: 15th January 2023
Final papers due: 1st September 2023



May 2nd 21:15 CEST - CHI

Panel “More-than-human Concepts, Methodologies, and Practices in HCI”

Hosted by: Aykut Coskun, Nazli Cila, Iohanna Nicenboim
Panelists: Elisa Giaccardi,  Laura Forlano, Christopher Frauenberger, Marc Hassenzahl, Clara Mancini, and Ron Wakkary 

The last decade has witnessed the expansion of design space to include the epistemologies and methodologies of more-than-human design (MTHD). Design researchers and practitioners have been increasingly studying, designing for, and designing with nonhumans. This panel will bring together HCI experts who work on MTHD with different nonhumans as their subjects. Panelists will engage the audience through discussion of their shared and diverging visions, perspectives, and experiences, and through suggestions for opportunities and challenges for the future of MTHD. The panel will provoke the audience into reflecting on how the emergence of MTHD signals a paradigm shift in HCI and human-centered design, what benefits this shift might bring and whether MTH should become the mainstream approach, as well as how to involve nonhumans in design and research.

Panel video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xAHlncFRI7sX_AMUNJWXPbrbMywpF2wN/view


May 2nd 21:15 CEST - CHI

Workshop “More-than-human and AI: In Conversations with Agents”

Workshop documentation site: https://ai.more-than-human.com/