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Sneak Preview From Part  4, Page 7

Those who embrace the atheist mindset or anti JudeoChristian world view are the most willing to accept and promote a philosophy of engineering a superior man especially one from someone like Frederick Nietzsche. Further, atheists with money, find themselves in a position to not only promote the idea, but perhaps even fund such advancement, in order to take advantage of it themselves. Not surprisingly, proponents of the Singularity and transhumanist thought have found themselves allies in high places.


As the director of the Future of Humanity Institute and a professor of philosophy at Oxford University, Nick Bostrom is a leading advocate of transhumanism who, as a young man, was heavily influenced by the works of Friedrich Nietzsche (from whom the phrase “God is dead” derives) and Goethe, the author of Faust.

Now, high society scientists, corporate giants, politicians, etc. are not the only ones getting in on the act. In this age, the most prominent members of the modern aristocracy are celebrities. Not only does the public at large tend to treat musicians, actors, and athletes as icons and idols, but they seem to view themselves as a royalty of sorts. Naturally, if there was a high technology means to enhance their potential, most of them would get right on board. Which is precisely what we’re seeing today in pop culture. There is a definite move toward the glamorization of the “futuristic man”. We see this especially in the music industry, where artists depict themselves as a sort of cyborg or Übermensch.

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